I Guess We'll Call It A Draw

Had my best results in the guild brawl that just ended. My first two brawls ended up being massive losses. 1-4 both times if I recall correctly. But this time, I managed to eke out a draw and it was looking promising after the first five matches. Still need to improve, but I'll take it.

As a reward, there's a thousand merits and 11 staked SPS. The brawls are a decent way to build up staked SPS, with each one offering about 10 SPS depending on where the guild places.

Then you can take the Merits won from the brawl and use it in the Guild Store. I've got enough for another pack so I might as well use it to improve my deck. Let's see what I get:

A Marisol Contuma which will be very useful in battle, I think with its reach and bloodlust abilities. I'm also looking to upgrade the Isgald Vorst and Alva the Crusher cards so it's nice to get them too.

If you haven't joined a guild, I highly recommend that you do so if you can commit to the 2x per week battles. That said, I wonder what happens if you need to travel and can't play for a bit. I suppose it's fine because not all guild members participate.

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