Gifting a Chaos Legion pack to a Hive buddy and opening 1 for me. May the force be with these 2 packs....and jammin.


Dont mind the picture of these 2 lonely packs. The screenshot shows me jammin to a guy on youtube named Toxic Eternity who does metal covers of classic video game soundtracks. If youre a fan of nintendo games like super mario, zelda, or metroid among numerous others, then you might like how this guy jams.

Of course, you would have to be a guitar guy. Its little heavy, just instrumental, but dam these tunes just hit. Ive been rockin his tracks on youtube for past couple years. Listening to the same old songs at least few times a week at work, and it keeps me going.


Im not including links, ill leave it up to you if youre interested, but he has some bangers including this Majoras Mask medley. It has some of the best tunes from all the different worlds, and the shop song.


  • I let @xplosive know that i wanted to gift him a pack of Chaos Legion, just to help boost his account a bit, and maybe the force will bless him with a decent pull. Id love to gift everyone a pack if i could but im on the struggle bus as much as anybody. Im just hoping that my time spent on hive isnt in vain. Meaning that i plan on chillin here for a long time. Hopefully growing, as i continue to stack and power up. As i continue to slay my debts and conquer mistakes in the past.


  • Send, send, to my friend.

  • And now to open mine.


  • Gold Foil Diemonshark. Not bad. I already had 1 actually from a pack many weeks ago, but ill combine.

  • @xplosive, keep the momentum going, as well as everyone else, cuz we gotta rock.



  • A nice rebound in Hive price, tapped $1.20 but has since sold off, back towards a $1. Not too bad though, seems healthy enough. Still depends on rest of markets and overall sentiment.

  • Heres a closer look, on 4 hour.


  • anyways, cheers. Lets enjoy the weekend. Im gearing up to go on a voting spree to catch up on everyones posts. Thanks to all you animals.
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