BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! Rise of the Commons!


RULESET: Rise of the Commons


Only common and rare units may be used in battles.

Summoners are unaffected by this rule.

General Strategy for Reverse Speed Ruleset

Having the cards mainly, have Common and rer cards to fill all positions, for example if your only good tanks are legendary or epic you will have big problems with this ruleset, the one with most cards will have the advantage, well the one with most common and rer cards, will be able to pull a better team according to the mana cost and the other ruleset that will limit more your options.

My Battle:

Battle Link: Click Here to See the Full Battle.

Others Rulesets and battle Conditions:

Explosive Weaponry: All monsters have the blast ability.

Are you not entertained: One Additional Gladiator cards may be used in battle.

Mana Cap: 29

Splinters Allowed: Life, Death, Earth, Fire, Dragon, Water (All splinters allowed).

About this Battle:

I went with obsidian since earth have some strong common and Rer cards like Pelacor Mercenary or Regal Peryton, I use them and also put a level 7 Fungus Flinger that have martyr ability since all units have blast ability it will die because of blast and boost my two units, unfortunately my opponent goes with a Legendary summoner Lux Vega, lets see if I can defeat this monster.

My Team:

Level 6 Obsidian

My summoner, She boost all magic attacks from my monsters.

Level 8 Pelacor Mercenary

My tank and a great one, have self Heal, Flying and Armor.

Level 7 Fungus Flinger

It provides Blind and Martyr ability.

Level 6 Regal Peryton

A magic attacker with very high health, speed and has the Flying ability.

Level 4 Madcap Magus

A great choice for the blast ruleset since it has scattershot, unfortunately on this battle he will die before is able to attack for the enemies sneak attack with blast.

Level 3 Cutter Brieze

Using the Gladiator ruleset, this guy is pretty strong on level 3, having 2 attack for just 1 mana cost.

Round 2

Round 3

All against my Pelacor.

Round 5

My Pelacor keep fighting alone until round 5 but it was too much for him.

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