BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! Reverse Speed!


RULESET: Reverse Speed


Units with lower speeds will attack before units with higher speeds. Attack Accuracy based on speed will also be reversed.

Units with the Bloodlust ability will increase speed after killing a unit.

General Strategy for this Ruleset

Use the slowest units you have, avoid using slow or Swiftness as this will only help your opponent also avoid summoners than increases your speed or reduce your opponents, Enrage ability is not good either for this ruleset for the same reason. On this ruleset some low level units can shine and been a lot superior compared to their level up forms, having less level it also help to attacks faster in this ruleset against monster with the same speed, Sand Worm is an example of a very strong card for this ruleset.

My Battle:

Battle Link: Click Here to see the Battle.

Others Rulesets and battle Conditions:

Unprotected: Monsters do not have any armor and do not get any armor.

Melee Mayhem: Melee attack monsters can attack from any position.

Mana Cap: 60

Splinters Allowed: Life, Death, Earth.

About the Battle:

For the rulesets combinations I decided to use some melee units with high health and slow speed, my opponent did something similar and use melee damage reduction as well to counter me, I end up using Drybone Barbarian that is not really a good choice for slow speed ruleset but is a pretty good one for the others 2 rulesets, has the highest health so is a great tank for Unprotected ruleset and since lots of melee attackers are expected he can counter with retaliate ability.

My Team:

Level 8 Drybone Barbarian

As I mentioned he is not a good choice for the slow speed ruleset but is an excellent one for the others 2 rulesets.

Level 3 Sand Worm

One of the best choices for Slow speed ruleset, as lower the level better for this ruleset.

Level 5 Djinn Renova

As there is no armor Strengthen is a good alternative to protect your units.

Level 3 Jared Scar

Excellent choice for Melee Mayhem or any ruleset that allows melee units attack from any position he is also very slow, so a great choice for this 2 rulesets combinations.

Level 3 Drybone Raider

Level 4 War Pegasus

Round 2

Very aggressive first round, few units left.

Third and last Round

If you are not yet register in Splinterlands you can join it for Free by: Clicking Here , as a free user you can play but you will not earn rewards, you will need to buy the Spellbook if you want to earn chests and SPS just for playing.

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