BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! Lost Legendary!


RULESET: Lost Legendaries


Legendary units may not be used.

Legendary summoners are still available.

About this Ruleset:

This is quite simple just don´t use legendary monsters, seams pretty simple but this ruleset end causing big troubles to the ones with small collections or the ones the rent a big % of the cards they use, this is because you are more likely to have some legendary on key spots, for example a high mana tank you only have one legendary on certain splinter and without a decent tank you have mostly lose the battle.

My Battle:

Battle Link: Click Here to see the full Battle.

Others Rulesets and Battle Conditions:

Earthquake: Non-Flying monsters takes 2 damage at the end of each round.

Going the Distance: Only Monsters with Ranged attack may be used in battle.

Mana Cap: 39

Splinters Allowed: Life, Death, Nature.

About the Battle:

As you can see on the screenshot with ended doing almost a mirror match because of the rulesets combinations didn´t give us many options, however all my units have a little higher level than my opponent , so on this battle we can see an example of how much level up matters , at least on mirror and very similar matches, one big advantage is even if we had the same speed since my units has higher level they are going to attack first killing some of my opponent units before they have the chance to make his attack on that round and this alone give a big advantage. Because of the Earthquake, Non-Legendary and Going the Distance rulesets we end choosing almost all flying archers.

My Team:

Level 2 Venari Marksrat

Level 5 Gargoya Devil

Level 8 Supply Runner

Level 6 Portal Spinner

Level 4 War Pegasus

Level 6 Pelacor Arbalest

This one is the Ace of the Team, a Flying Archer with the highest damage dealing a total of 6 damage per round with his Double Strike ability, is on last position so he can deal his damage until the end of the battle.

Round 2 and Final

The Battle was one sided even though it was close to a mirror match the small difference on level on the units makes a big difference on the battle mainly because the higher level ones attack first when there is a tie in speed.

If you are not yet register in Splinterlands you can join it for Free by: Clicking Here , as a free user you can play but you will not earn rewards, you will need to buy the Spellbook if you want to earn chests and SPS just for playing.

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