Battle Mage Secrets Weekly Challenge! Close Range!


RULESET: Close Range


Units with ranged attacks are allowed to attack in the first position.

Strategy for Close Range Ruleset:

Archers are stronger on this ruleset, could be a good idea use them more here and expect more from your opponent, may be a good idea using a summoner that boost your Ranger attackers or debuff the opponents ones and abilities against Archers like Return Fire, Headwinds , on this rulesets you may want to chose your archers in different positions, they can make a good middle tank or secondary , some very high mana cost archers are a lot more viable on this ruleset, specially some monsters like Cornealus having him may give you the victory on this ruleset.

My Battle:

Battle Link: Click Here to see the full Battle.

Others Rulesets and battle Conditions:

Little League: Only monsters and summoners that cost 4 mana or less may be used in Battle.

Tis but Scratches: All monsters have the Cripple ability.

Mana Cap: 32.

Splinters Allowed: fire, Water, Earth, Life, Death.

About this Battle:

This is a Brawl Battle, for this Battle both picked level 6 Thaddaeus Brood maxed out for Gold League, since this summoner is pretty strong for Little League and Death have pretty good 4 mana units, we came with a very similar formation as well four of our units are the same, the unique units for me were Revelear and Soul Strangler a very strong Archer unit for 3 mana cost is even better on a close range ruleset like this one, my opponent when with Whistling Damon a Gladiator Archer could be very dangerous if he star to build stats with kills, and the all mighty Doctor Blight level 3 the king of Little League, normally when you see it on your opponent team you just assume you have lost and past to the next battle, but here I have a chance, I have the unit with the higher attack on the match and Archer with 4 attack.

My Team:


My Opponent Team:

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5 and Final

Splinterlands is an Auto-battler game where all card are NFT, you can own them and sell them when ever you want or rent them, you will earn SPS each time you win a battle and you can change it for USD if you want, it is a fun game with a playtoearn aspect that greatly increases the fun.
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