BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! Odd Ones Out!


RULESET: Odd Ones Out


Only units with odd mana costs may be used.

Summoners are not affected by this rule.

General Strategy for this Ruleset

The strategy is one have the cards, have a decent cards with odd mana cost to cover any position for example have a proper tank with odd mana cost according to the mana cap of the battle, having only one will only work for certain mana cap battles, having 2 with can cover lots of battles like one of 9 mana cost and one of 3 mana cost, the other rulesets are more likely to limit your options as well, so this ruleset is dominate for the ones with more cards.

My Battle:

Battle Link: Click Here to see check the full Battle.

Others Rulesets and battle Conditions:

No other rulesets, only one outs.

Mana Cap: 31

Splinters Allowed: Fire, Life, Earth.

About the battle:

Me and my opponent decided to go with obsidian summoner and with a magic damage team, mainly because it had a lot of magic attackers with odd mana cost, my opponent chose to go with a low cost tank and with a high cost taunt in the back with Triage to heal, I instead go with a seven mana cost tank and no taunt, make the Camouflage plus Martyr combo since I was expecting sneak attacks, they are pretty normal on low mana cost and more with only outs, sneak didn´t come but it still go well.

My Team:

Level 8 Pelacor Mercenary

A great tank, with Self Heal , Flying , Armor, but not the best against magic unfortunately.

Level 5 Chaos Agent

Great choice when you have one mana left.

Level 5 Centauri Mage

A magic attacker with very high health and return fire, she can also repair the armor of my Tank.

Level 5 Regal Peryton

Another great magic attacker with out mana cost.

Level 7 Fungus Flinger

He is in this position to boost up to 2 of my units in case my opponent use sneak attacks because my last unit have Camouflage ability. Also he provide Blind ability.

Level 3 Djinn Bilka

A great magic attacker for 3 mana cost with the same damage as the others ones for less mana but does not have health however it have camouflage to protect itself and void mostly to avoid reflect damage.

Second Round

Third Round

Fourth and Last

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