Battle Mage Secrets Little League Ruleset


RULESET: Little League


Only units and summoners with a mana cost of 4 or less may be used.

General Strategy:

If there is enough mana cap availed use your best four mana cost monsters that can attack from his start position, most of the times and specially in Modern format you may not have a full team of four mana cost monsters, in this case try using three mana cost ones, also in some cases three mana cost or lower monsters could be even better than other options, for example if you want to go full magic you will not have enough 4 mana cost monster with magic attack most of the times.

My Battle:

Battle Link: Click Here to see the full Battle

Others Rulesets and Battle Conditions:

Earthquake: Non-Flying units takes 2 damage at the end of each turn.

Heavy Hitters: All Monster have the knock out ability.

Mana Cap: 52

Splinters Allowed: Life, Death, Fire and Water.

About the Battle:

Since there was the Earthquake I decide to use Truthspeaker that give Protect to all my monsters, helping them to survive more turns of Earthquake, also use Time Mage with Rust ability expecting my opponent will use protect as well and I will negate it but my opponent use double Protect, also didn´t have 4 or 3 mana cost units with Flying ability, have some 2 mana cost with it but decide the others ones will do a better job even without Flying, so have to trust in Protect to survive Earthquakes. My opponent goes with 3 premium cards Golden level 3 Spirit Hoarder, Level Tower Griffin, Level 3 Doctor Blight I though I will have serious problems here but I do better than expected in the end.

My Team:

Level 6 Xenith Monk:

Excellent Tank for the Little League Ruleset with Heal and Void on Level 6.

Level 8 Sunkai Harverster

An Average four mana cost, can be quite good on little league ruleset.

Level 8 Stich Leech

With his Life leech can survive lots of Earthquakes.

Level 5 Time Mage

With her Rust ability removing the enemies armor to lose protection against Earthquake, useful for this ruleset but very fragile, fortunately I using Protect as well.

Level 3 TruthSpeaker

Give the Protect ability allowing my units to survive more turns.

Level 6 Venari CrystalSmith

Four mana cost ranged unit with Tank Heal ability, also have Dispel.

Round 2

Both tanks die.

Round 3

Round 4 and last one

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