Battle Mage Secrets Keep your Distance


RULESET: Keep Your Distance


Units with melee attacks may not be used.

General Strategy:

Use the best Range and Magic users for the job, have in mind the units without attack can be also used in this ruleset and they make a very good tank most of the times, since there is only archers and magic you can counter the enemy easily, Phase, Void, Void Armor, Magic Reflect, Silence abilities can counter magic attacks and for ranged units Headwinds and Return Fire will do the trick.

My Battle:

Battle Link: Click Here to Check the Battle.

Others Rulesets and Battle Conditions:

What Doesn´t kill you: All units have The Enrage ability.

Heavy Hitters: All units have the Knock Out ability.

Mana Cap: 40

Splinters Allowed: Life, Water, Death, Earth, Dragon.

About the Battle:

We both decided to play a full magic team and play countering magic from the opponent, I use a boost on Magic from my summoner, double Silence use Taunt plus Triage plus tank heal, my strategy was reducing my opponent damage as much as I could and heal the small damage that he can deal, I was thinking it was a pretty powerful line up , however my opponent strategy was even more broken He use Djinn Oshannus very strong card against magic with Void and Phase abilities and he becomes overpower when he gets Enrage ability for the Ruleset and it does not end there my opponent Venari Marksrat with his Martyr ability plus resurrection to double boost Djinn Oshannus so when he was Enrage he had almost 100% evasion. So it was a battle of Almost 100% evasion against almost 100% heal however he had a Riverboat Captain with Blast and Affliction.

My Team:

Level 5 Centauri Mage

Level 5 Regal Peryton

Level 4 Elven Mystic

Level 3 Queen Mycelia

Level 7 Goblin Psychic

Level 5 Mycelic Slipspawn

Round 2

Round 3

We where like this until Round 5.

Round 5

Starter to go bad for my team Goblin die because of the Blast and my Taunt get Affliction debuff.

Round 7

Round 8 and Final

Fight is over, only take 50% of his Djinn health.

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