Splinterlands Maverick AMA Summary - September 13th, 2021 - 12PM EST (4PM UTC)


Mavericks AMA Summary

  • Speakers: Aggroed & Mavericks
  • Main Topics:
    • New Reward Cards Are Released!
    • Land - Castles/Keeps
    • SPS Staking
    • Interesting Remarks From Aggroed
  • AMA Recording: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1dRKZNapLqzKB


Current Development Work
  • New reward cards have been officially released in the game!
    • New reward cards have half the collection power as Untamed
    • Check the full list of reward cards here: SplinterStats!
  • Next priority is updating the UI with the season end reward changes
    • Pending rewards should reflect the current rank you are in, not highest achieved

Splinterlands Roadmap
  • Roadmap is still unannounced as scaling priorities are pushing everything back
  • The dev team seems to have scaling under control for now
    • Should allow Chaos Legion & Modern/Wild format to resume development

Maverick Status
  • Still considering raising the Maverick status requirement to 1000 Chaos Legion purchased packs
    • Has to be packs purchased from in-game, not from other players or markets
  • Considering opening up Maverick status to other assets like land and SPS
    • Not a priority until land is released though

Modern & Wild Format
  • Designing stage has begun, but not much progress due to scaling issues

  • The art and visuals are the vast majority of work right now
    • Programming in game is less time consuming than the designing
  • Land will be rentable just like cards
  • There should be an incentive to own more powerful cards to work on lands
    • A Gold Foil Legendary card will maximize production on any land
    • The higher the card level is, the more it will boost production
    • Any monster working on land cannot be used in battles
  • Castles and Keeps will boost the production of all the land
    • Keeps will boost the production of the whole tract!
    • Castles will boost the production of the whole region!
    • The higher the levels of the castle/keep, the higher the production may be
    • Community contributions may be allowed to incentivize the owner to upgrade castle/keep levels
    • Owners of the castles/keeps may receive a cut of the resource liquidity pools

  • No intentions in bringing all the DEC tournaments back
  • Focusing on SPS only as they offer higher payouts

  • DEC will remain the backbone of the game and market
  • May include more DEC sinks in the near-future, but nothing official until announced
  • SPS is the main focus though right now

Exchange Listings
  • Team is always looking to be listed on more exchanges
    • But, they won't bend over backward just to get listed
    • They also won't pay an unreasonable amount on a listing either
    • Terms have to be mutually beneficial

Community Paid Roles
  • Aggroed's vision is to have "employees to the DAO"
    • Community would assign roles to other community members
      • Examples: Streamers, Influencers, Support Members, etc...
    • Certain amount of funds would be put in the DAO
    • Depending on the roles, the assigned members would get paid from the DAO
  • All this is speculative and TBD though

SPS Staking - Vouchers
  • The team wants to incentivize players to stake for long periods of time
    • Not just stake for Chaos Legion pre-sale vouchers, then un-stake when pre-sale ends
  • Team may give out vouchers even beyond Chaos Legion pre-sale to those who continue to stake
    • Vouchers would act as a staked days counter
    • The longer you stake, the more potential future rewards
  • Just more earnings/rewards for those who stake for a longer duration than those who don't


Interesting Remarks From Aggroed

  1. Aggroed is currently working on some big contracts!

    • If contracts go through, he said they would impact the entire game
    • Aggroed is super excited, so that means we should be super excited
    • Aggroed is entering conversations with billionaires now that are being exposed to the game
    • Nothing is guaranteed though as terms need to benefit both parties and the Splinterlands community

  2. Team has a current lead on a VP of Engineering

    • If hired, can delegate a bunch of responsibilities to this new hire from Matt's plate
    • Would free up Matt to work on future game functionality

  3. Team is always designing new game features with new players in mind

    • Team is trying to please everyone
    • Still trying to keep new players through releasing inexpensive card packs

  4. Nothing is final until the whitepaper is released

    • This is more in regards to how Chaos Legion and Lands will work/function
    • Even information in these AMA's aren't official
    • Once whitepaper is released, then there is no going back
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