Splinterlands AMA Summary - September 10th, 2021 - 9AM Eastern


AMA Summary

  • Speakers: Aggroed, Yabapmatt, Waffles Kitty
  • Main Topics:
    • Chaos Legion
    • Season Rewards
    • Scaling & Dev Work
  • Recording Link:


Chaos Legion
  • Pre-sale is still striving for September, but may go into October
    • Pre-sale vouchers are still based on your SPS stake vs. total SPS staked
  • Packs will be able to be bought with Credits, DEC, and SPS
    • DEC will probably be based on market price!
    • Packs will probably cost more than $2
      • Should help the overall economy by not flooding the game and give CL cards more value
  • Starter deck will include Chaos Legion cards when released
    • Beta & Untamed --> Untamed & Chaos Legion
  • Will have lower collection power than the existing editions

  • Team agrees that the current DEC earnings for leaderboard players seems unfair
    • Example: High bronze leaderboard player can earn almost as much DEC as Diamond players
    • Team will review this DEC earning system in the near-future

  • SPS delegation has been designed and may be released soon
  • SPS earnings from ranked battles will be based more on your league, rather than rating
    • Team wants to encourage building a more competitive deck and ranking higher
  • More SPS use cases are definitely a priority once scaling is less of an issue

Scaling & Dev Work:
  • Team is currently focused on critical issues that is preventing the game from running smoothly
  • New issues that keep popping up will eventually be prevented
    • "Game will be smooth sailing soon" - Yabapmatt
  • Team is looking to grow the developing team very significantly
    • Will probably double dev team fairly soon
  • A lot of work is going in to fixing the common bridge issues currently
    • WAX bridge has the most issues, will be next highest priority

Season Rewards/Cooldown Changes:
  • Starting with the current season, season rewards are based on the league you finish in
    • Not highest achieved anymore!
  • Cooldowns haven't been changed just yet

  • Anyone can play, anyone can participate
  • Even bots contribute to the economy like a normal player
  • Team is looking into making bots not affect the average player though

Reward Cards:
  • Still on track to be released on Monday!
  • See Eye Candy section below!

Modern/Wild Formats:
  • Not all reward cards will be able to be used in the Modern format
    • Cards with the Untamed and Chaos Legion frames will be allowed
    • Old Beta frames will not be allowed
  • Will duplicate the reward pool for both ranked formats
    • Team will look into changing it if needed after it is live for a few weeks
  • ECR for both formats is still being determined - Will it be split, or same ECR for both?

Collection Power Requirements:
  • If you want to earn higher rewards, you need to contribute to the ecosystem
    • The main concept of the game is to build your deck and achieve higher leagues

  • SPT rewards are still stuck and not being rewarded due to recent switchover to outpost
  • SPT rewards will be released once everything is cleared

  • Date: Saturday, September 25th, 2021 | 2 PM - 5 PM EST / 6 PM - 9 PM UTC
  • DYGYCON is created and sponsored by Splinterlands!
  • What is DYGYCON?
    • Digital conference with various blockchain projects, games, and influencers
  • Can pick up free swag and get in on a bunch of giveaways
  • Will have a super secret guest
    • Will be announced in around 5 days on Twitter 👀



More Reward Cards!





Interesting Remarks During AMA

  • Spellbook purchases don't correlate with card prices

  • Rentals are set in DEC while sales are set in USD due to rentals being put directly in escrows
    • Helps limit the price fluctuations

  • "There are no guaranteed rewards in this game"
  • The ability to earn is provided by the game, the rest is up to the player

  • "I don't use shampoo because I barely have any hair" - Aggroed


Potential Backlog For Splinterlands Dev Team

Minor Tasks:
  • Add small icon to let players know they are in an active event that requires an action (Cryptomancer)¹
  • Add DEC pegged value in marketplace so players have an ideal how much DEC would be required to buy a card, or how much they will receive if selling a card¹
  • Add a new setting to allow players to change the sound volume¹
  • Fix Hive Engine packs not being displayed properly¹
  • Add functionality to automatically stake your max balance¹
  • Alphabetize the ability list in the dropdown¹
Bigger Tasks:
  • Output more accurate error messaging and possibly include resources to alleviate the issue¹

¹ = Carried Over From Previous AMA's


Next AMA - Friday, September 17th, 2PM EST (1PM UTC)

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