Splinterlands AMA Summary - October 8th, 2021 - 8PM Eastern


AMA Summary

  • Speakers: Aggroed, Yabapmatt, Nateaguila, & Cryptomancer
  • Main Topics:
    • EYE CANDY 👀🔥
    • Scaling & Dev Work
    • Chaos Legion & Vouchers
      • Pre-sale Clarifications
  • Recording Link:


👀 = See Eye Candy!

Chaos Legion 👀:
  • Stories/lore will be involved with the CL Promo Card
    • Likely to be a Legendary Neutral Monster - not officially determined yet
    • Doctor Blight is a plague doctor <> Pun with Covid 19 😂
    • Doctor Blight stumbled upon an unknown source of power
    • Doctor Blight is critical in unlocking the volcano in middle of Praetoria
  • Legionnaire title benefits will be announced before pre-sale
  • Planning to use the voucher system beyond the pre-sale to meter out the public sale
    • Wait for official announcement from team on this topic!
  • Maverick status will most likely be increased to 1000 Chaos Legion packs
    • Only counts if you buy packs from store in-game, not from other players
  • Packs will be priced based on DEC & SPS market price
  • Cryptomancer is 100% focused on the Chaos Legion pre-sale
    • Confident to launch the pre-sale on time!
  • Pre-sale packs may not be eligible for the SPS airdrop on Day 1 - wait for announcement
Pre-Sale Clarifications:
  • To receive the 20%, 15%, and 10% bonus amounts, you need to do buy as a single transaction
  • All other pre-sale rewards will accumulate as you buy
  • Bonus packs will count towards all pre-sale benefits (title, Maverick status, promo card)

In-Game Marketplace:
  • Won't be created before Chaos Legion
  • Will almost include all Splinterlands assets to be sold in-game
    • Vouchers, titles, land, totems, etc...

  • First voucher drop is aimed to be before pre-sale starts
    • Should be able to buy CL packs as soon as the pre-sale timer hits 00:00:00
  • Voucher airdrop hasn't been decided, but will be different from the SPS airdrop
    • Will occur for 30 days, and will airdrop everyday
    • Vouchers will most likely accumulate in your account automatically - no need to claim
  • Vouchers won't be worth any SPS points for the SPS airdrop
  • Voucher price will be determine by players on the markets
  • Not official if needed after pre-sale just yet - wait for announcement!
  • Vouchers will continue to be a feature throughout the future of the game

  • Ultimate goal is to motivate players to stake SPS
  • Players who stake SPS will receive many more benefits than those who don't going forward
  • Additional SPS rewards will be focused in the near-future

Scaling & Dev Work:
  • Game has been very stable lately
  • Continuing to expand the DevOps team to keep servers running smoothly
  • Other team members are being hired to continue feature development as well
  • Onboarding team members takes time though to get started
  • "Some of the new developers are much better than me" - Quoted by YabapMatt himself!
  • Goal is to have a much bigger team in the next 3 - 6 months to focus on all aspects of the game:
    • Backend
    • Security
    • Specific features: Rift Watchers, Land, etc...
    • Animation Effects + Enhanced Battle Gameplay
    • Other minor suggestions
  • Current focus for dev team:
    • Chaos Legion
    • First Phase Of Land Expansion
    • More SPS Features

Land 👀:
  • Team want's people excited about land location
  • Location will be as important as land rarity/type
  • All land plots will have a story within the Praetoria continent
  • Regions/Tracts will have all the plots connected
    • Regions will have a wide variety of all the land types
    • Most likely won't have every type of land
    • May be better to specialize in resource/s rather than get 1 of each type
  • Not every land plot will most likely require a summoner/monster to work on it

Animations 👀:
  • Team wants to include animations to game to elevate overall gameplay
  • Monsters will have idle animations at the start
    • May have an attacking animation and even a triumphant animation

Why Hive Blockchain?
  • Hive was created to be more user-friendly than most other blockchains
    • Choose your username for your wallet
    • Keys with different levels of permissions
    • Keys can be recovered if hacked/changed
  • Doesn't have any gas fees
    • Players aren't even required to stake Hive to recharge Resource Credits
    • Splinterlands delegates Hive to players when needed

  • Still unsure about changing quest potion back to be bought with credits
  • The issue isn't with how it is bought, it is about the effect on players
    • Doesn't motivate players to climb higher leagues
  • Team has thoughts on new potions that may be introduced in the future
  • DEC prices for potions will probably be changed to be based on market price

Lore 👀:
  • Don't ignore the lore
  • Chaos Legion is going to bring all the lore together
  • May be advantages for players who know the lore versus those who don't

  • If keys are stolen/exposed, no other security measures will prevent asset losses
  • If active/master keys are kept secure, no assets will get stolen
  • 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) won't help with keys are somehow stolen/exposed



Chaos Legion Promo Card - Doctor Blight


Concept Sketch



Gateway For Chaos Legion Monsters!


Splinterlands Lore Introduction For New Players



Chaos Legion Background




New Race In Chaos Legion Reward Cards - Venari


Praetoria - Land


More Animations




Recent Game Updates!

  • October 8th, 12AM EST

    • Added a new SHOP page that replaces the Untamed page, showing a countdown to the start of the Chaos Legion pre-sale.

    • Added Chaos Legion packs to the mana well. To be clear: packs CANNOT be opened before the official release of Chaos Legion, and CANNOT be purchased until the pre-sale starts. It's just a little taste of what's to come.

    • Added promotional pop up for upcoming ZenSports CryptoStache tournament.


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