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Hi Splinterlanders, it is time once again to post for the Social Media Challenge and I have been waiting for an opportunity to tell my Splinterlands story for a long time! I am not the type to talk much about myself or give deeper insight into my private life, but this is an exception:

Social Media Challenge - Share Your Journey!

Splinterlands has become an important part of my life, it is my most cherished hobby and my most significant crypto investment apart from Bitcoin. Here is my story!


Discovery of Splinterlands

During the last bull market, I was heavily invested in all sorts of tokens tradeable on Pancakeswap. SPS was one of the first tokens I farmed, without knowing much about it. I knew it was a game but paid no further attention to it. I eventually looked into it yet quickly lost interest. A few months later, in a moment of boredom (I had tons of SPS), I made another attempt and this time I invested $50 in some cards, watched some Youtube content and kept a battle diary. I was stuck in bronze for ages but eventually my gameplay improved. This is how it all started.

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Duration of Participation

Officially, I started in August 2021, but as I said, it took me more than one attempt to get going in Splinterlands. During the beginning of 2022 I had to travel a lot to different cities for work and spent many a night in hotels. With time on my hands in the evenings, I eventually began to play intensively. I would say, I have been actively involved in Splinterlands since about February 2022. This makes me neither a veteran nor a recent addition to the realm. Today, I would call myself an experienced player (and a fanatic brawler).

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Time Spent in Splinterlands

I open my loot chests and check my brawls before breakfast every morning, along with looking at my PeakD feed and what is going on in the liquidity pools. I work at home at the pc. When I have breaks and don’t necessarily need to make phone calls, I play Splinterlands or look at cards or chat with my guild members. In the evenings, I spend an hour or so with something to do with Splinterlands, be it battling, brawling, writing a post or trading cards. Some may say „get a life“, to which I say „I have one“. I don’t do TV and I don’t do social networks so I am doing just fine… but I should do more sport. All in all, I dedicate about 1-2 hours to Splinterlands daily and I find my day very well balanced ;)

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This part I had to think about for a while. Apart from the then unthinkable of becoming an active gamer and blogger, I have accomplished a few other things. The most significant one is to brawl with a top 50 guild. This only started recently. I have been a member of the Legendary Dragons guilds for over a year and the move to the premier league to join the Legendary Whelps was sudden and vicious. It is seriously hard going at the moment, getting toasted regularly and rarely scoring a victory. But I am seriously loving it.

My other accomplishment is to have a really good reward card. Here is my most prized monster, Ferexian Hero. He is significant to me because I have no other GF Legendaries and he fitted really well into my silver fire deck when I got him. Speaking of decks, I am also proud of maxing out a lot of CL commons and rares lately, which is easy to do at the moment with rock bottom card prices.

Upcoming Goals

What I am focused on most in Splinterlands is brawling, so my primary ambition is to get better at playing gold fray. In ranked battles I have finally managed to start a season in diamond and my second aim is to maintain that. This current season doesn’t look so good so I will need to work on that. All good things come in 3s so my third aspiration would be to put no more fiat into the game and run my system purely on loot chests, posts and staking rewards. That one does look good.

Advice for Beginners

My advice to newcomers is to rent some bronze and silver decks for several seasons before buying cards. Unless you need the thrill of opening card packs I would not buy them for a while. Reward yourself with some packs once you have advanced with things a bit. Easy to say, I know.

Another thing I would advise newbies to do is to actively get into guilds. It is a very enriching experience to play in teams with other Splinterlanders. You learn a lot from communicating with other players in Discord or in the Tavern. Gladiator cards have become increasingly important since the introduction of Conscript Summoners, so getting Gladius Packs regularly to build your deck is imperative.

Thats all folks so see you in the arena, Splinterheads!

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