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Here is my entry for: SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge!


Edition: Chaos Legion

Element: Earth

Attack: Melee

Abilities: Double Strike

Grum is a great card to play at level one due to his double strike ability. Although he has no shield, he does have decent speed and receives 4 melee, more health and the trample ability at silver level and above. Here are the stats:

When I was fighting with him to find a suitable battle to share, I was fortunate to get the perfect rulesets, super sneak and up close, together with a high mana cap.

I put the Coeurl Lurker in first position and included Arkemis the bear for shield protection to provide grum with every possible support to let him do his carnage work. The rest of the team was made up of fat tanky monsters to back him up. Here is the line-up:

---> WATCH BATTLE <---

Coeurl Lurker displayed supreme defense by scoring 6 misses and my opponent contributed to his demise by picking low health monsters with limited damage capability. Grund did what he does best and remained unscathed. Easypeasy!

Double Trouble Grund - I like this card! Grund inflicts maximum damage with his double strike capacity. His Achilles heel is the lack of shield protection and medium speed, making him susceptible to magic and dominant melee opponents. As you saw in the battle, I prefer using Grum in combination with synergizing rulesets to increase his effectiveness and guarantee victory.

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