Splinterlands art contest week #243 (conqueror jacek )

For my this weeks Splinterlands art contest entry i drew Conqueror jacek .

This time i sketched my design on a paper next i just started converting it to lineart first the face the body the hair and his braids . Then the leather accessories after that i made a cute lil phoenix on his hands and made a rough line art for his wing because those are supposed to be fire wings. Every lineart is made seperately thats something i do alot just so i can fix anything i don't like later

Next i added flat colors to the line art .You can see the harsh lineart of the wings is not visible cause i merged it with the flat color this way i just need to shade it by clipping a layer. The pallet i chose for this was all the fire hues i did that to the phoenix too .

After wards i started shading wings with a layer clipped on top set to add in blending mode . I airbrushed some spots on his wings and smudged it this makes it looks like glowing fire
After that i added some sparks to the wings that act as embers with a bit red saturated shading so the wings look more fierce . Rendering is hard i still struggle at it but well i am doing it and learning something new every time . After that i shaded our phoenix and the character with shadows and highlights you can see this makes our Drawing more enhanced and after that i colored the lineart too and it made the character pop

As our character now is done i added a brown background to him and some brown foliage so it looks like a cave or a dirt background . Set its opacity a bit lower . Now if the wings are of fire we need that glow to be seen on his hair his body anywhere the light seems to hit . I used the airbrush again with a pale yellow and highlighted the parts where light was hitting.
And here we are done

This is the final look

Do tell me what you think in comments down below 👇.

Thank you for your support ❤️

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