The Mysterious case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Wombo Combo!)

Hello everyone from Barcelona!!

Tonight I bring you a story of terror. A story that only the bravest shall dare to read. 👻 💀🎃. I have been investigating the elder archives of #Splinterlands and discovered that one of the most famous characters in the world of terror has come to our dearest game to rule the board. I guess all of you know him, but if not, here you are:


Every player may say that these two cards are independent characters but as I will show you in my post, they are the two sides of the same coin.

Heads - Dr. Jekyll


I just love this guy. As everyone shall know, Death Splinter is the master of debuffs, and Dr. Jekyll not only brings one of the strongest, he also is a time buyer if well positioned. His main attributes are:

  1. Master potion of death preparation - debuffs-1 health to all enemy creatures. This can be very lethal if well played
  2. If played in the second position, he will be the target of snipers, letting your army get extra shots. He has a great synergy with de debuff of Contessa L'Ament (he may also take 3 shots before dying)
  3. If played as a backliner, he will absorve the damage of sneakers. And if played with Zintar Mortalis, he will debuff enemy attacks also take more hits.

And everything for just 2 mana!! A great debuffer with average health for its costs

Heads - Mr. Hyde


Once Dr. Jekyll serves the venom to his attendees, the turn of Mr. Hyde arrives:

  1. Focuses enemy main DPS dealers as can be Ranged of Magic. As all of them shall be health-debuffed. He one-shots a large variety of DPS dealers and healers as I show you in a small list:

  2. He is also fast with three-speed goes first than a great variety of creatures

  3. He does Magic damage, and that means ignoring armor and never missing.

And finally, to illustrate everything that I say, I will post you an example of all the points discussed.


And I don't want to finish my post highlighting that Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde shines with little league.


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