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Hello friends, Good morning how are you all, I hope you and your family will be fine. Friends, today I am going to do my first post of this week, which you are going to like very much. Everyone waits for this week, because this week everyone is very eager to write posts about their favorite cards and battles, this is the only platform where everyone writes posts. Splinterlands is one of the most popular games out there. I have also told many of my friends about this game. Those people are also going to participate in this game in some time. Those people also liked this game very much.

Friends, today I have to play 99 mana battle. That's why I have chosen OBSIDIAN RARE Earth Summone first. Friends, this summoner is of 4 mana. The only purpose of taking this summoner is that it doubles the attack of the card with the summoner's magic attack. As you can see in this battle, how the attack of the card with magic attack has been doubled.


position 1

Friends, I have taken the UNICORN MUSTANG card first in this battle. Friends, I have been able to win this battle because of this card, friends, you must know that we have to take a card with more health in our battle, so that it can withstand the attack of the opponent for a longer time. Friends, this card is of 8 mana and health is of 10 and attack is of 3 and speed is of 4. Friends, I would like you to buy this card so that you can get a better card in the world.

position 2

On the second position, I have taken the PRISMATIC ENERGY card, friends, when there is a magin attack on this card, then it replies back to the attack. That's why I use this card in water also. Friends, this card is of 8 mana and health is 9. And it is of Attack 2 and of Speed 3. Friends, this card proves to be very useful in Magic Attack.


position 3

Friends, I have taken MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN card on the third position, this card is of Earth and in this summoner, the attack power of that card is doubled. Friends, this card is of 9 mana and health is of 10. And Speed is 2 and Attack is 2. Friends, this card does magic attack.

position 4

Today I have taken the SPIRIT MINER card at 4th place, this card is a common card, so you can take this card in Water as well, and you can take it in Earth as well. This card is also capable of magic attack. This card is 6 mana and 6 health and 2 attack and 2 speed. Earlier I used to use this card in water, then I have started using it in earth also.



position 5

I GOBLIN PSYCHIC on position 5 is an Earth common card. Due to this being a magic card, it becomes very deadly, friends, you take this card to increase the health of your other cards. Because friends, this card keeps increasing the health of other cards along with magic attack. It works like a wizard. Friends, this card is of 6 mana and health is of 3, attack is of 2 and speed is 1. Friends, this card is very strong due to low health and speed. The battle that I won today, I won because of this card. You will see that this card is of no use, but you will know when you take this card in your battle.



Last I have taken the GOBLIN TOWER card, because this card attacks by hitting the kuwadi, when it attacks, then the person in front gets hit and the card behind it also gets hit, it kills two birds with one stone. . That's why I have decided to keep this card in the last.


Friends, if you liked this post of mine, then definitely tell me by commenting. So that I can write more posts for you.
My battle link :=https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_d895f717c44a4dc7111cec7b578345de&ref=arsh11


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