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Hello friends, I hope you and your family are all doing well. Friends, I have been thinking about writing a post for the Splinterlands Social Media Challenge for many days and today that day has finally arrived. I am writing my first post of this week, which I am sure you will like a lot. Whenever I write, I first have a clear idea of what to write.

Alric Stormbringer.png

Friends, today I am playing a 14-mana betal game. First, the requirement for the summoner was necessary. Friends, I am selecting my water team. For this, I first select the water summoner, because in water there are three types of summoners, 1 ALRIC STORMBRINGER. 2 KELYA FRENDUL. 3 BORTUS.

I decided to take the fastest summoner. ALRIC STORMBRINGER summoner doubles the magic attack power of magic attack cards. Friends, this summoner costs 3 mana. And friends, you know that I am playing a 14-mana betal game today. If you take any summoner, you should know a little about it. Only then can you make a good strategy.

Hardy Stonefish.jpg

I took the Hardy Stonefish Common Water card first in my battles. Because friends, this card is 1 mana and its health is also 1 and its speed is 1 and its attack is also 1. Friends, if you find such a good card only for one mana, then you should take it. Because if you take a card with less mana, then it is necessary to take such a card.


I have kept the ALBATROSS card in my battler at position 2. Because this card is worth 1 mana and doesn't have the power of attack. The only reason to have this card is to save the other card from the opposing team's attack. And this card is worth 1 health.

Torrent Fiend.jpg

The Torrent Fiend Legendary Water card is a 0-cost card that has 1 health, 1 attack, and 2 speed. If you don't have a 0-cost card, you should consider buying this card because it is very important in battles. This card has the potential to help you win many battles. The current price of this card is $4, but it may increase in the future.

Furious Chicken.png

The FURIOUS CHICKEN card has proven to be a very useful card. Friends, since this card is of 0 mana, you can take this card in your low mana battle. Friends, if you take this card in your battle, then you do the safety of your other cards, because friends, you would like to keep this card at the forefront. And if the team in front attacks, it directly comes on this card only.

Ruler of the Seas.png

The RULER OF THE SEAS card is a water card. Friends, this card is very lucky for me because whenever I have taken this card in my battle, I have won the battle. I like to take this card in every battle of mine and I also want to buy this card. Friends, this card has a magic attack and its attack only works on the health of the opponent in front. Friends, this card is 6 mana, has 5 health, 2 attack, and 3 speed.

Ice Pixie.png

ICE PIXIE card can be a useful card in certain low mana battles. Its low mana cost and moderate attack and speed stats make it a good option for a starting card, especially in battles where quick action is needed. However, its low health points can also be a drawback, as it can easily be defeated by stronger cards. The usefulness of the card may also depend on the player's strategy and the cards they have in their deck.




Friends, I won the battle with a 14 mana opponent very easily because I have realized that it is easier to win battles with less mana. This is because I have all the cards and I know when and how to use them. I have a clear understanding of all the details. Friends, if you liked my post, please share and comment.

My battle link :-https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_e3f2138801eacdcf477c077fe1852c75&ref=arsh11

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