Life in Splinterlands

Hello there, hope you are having a great day while reading this story of my life.


Nine days ago, I made the journey to Splinterlands where living is by survival of the fittest and I would say I am blessed to have been able to survive thus far :)

Starting off, I would only fight for survival (complete daily quest) but after three days in which I saw how possible it is to be a reputable fighter, I changed my motive and started aspiring to win every battle in order to move up the ranks of the fighting pitch so as to maybe become the best fighter in the Splinterlands 😎

I hear the best fighters get the most beautiful girls in the Splinterlands.

Hey! I'm not in for this though . . . No heartbreaks please 😉

So far, I have been able to move up the ranks of the fighting pitch through Novice, Bronze III, Bronze II, Bronze I and finally Silver III after twelve (12) wins in a total of thirteen (13) battles today 💪


My current weapons are obsolete to compete in the Silver ranks and I hope I get pushed to a limit where I will have to improve my weapons ASAP :)

Moreover, I have beautiful @saffisara ahead of me in Silver II and I would not wish to ever fight against @saffisara because it not my style to hurt a lady through a fight as I would prefer a simple heartbreak 😂

So, if you are a female living in Splinterlands, just tell me. In case I remember, I will avoid fighting with you. You may as well know it is hard to tell who is a male or female in Splinterlands as we can all dress in male or female clothing meaning it is a genderless scenario out here lol. So, my guess is that I may have already fought with some ladies :)


Also, it is worth noting that I am equally preparing for a freedom match against my boss @rentmoney. Yeah, he lead me into Splinterlands and has equally supported me with some weapons, hope I do not use his weapons to hurt him 😂

Well, I will like to mention that life in Splinterlands became a bit comfortable for me after I was gifted with some great weapons and I later saw the need to upgrade other weapons and this seems to always be the case lol

I am very grateful to @aamirijaz a.k.a Beardman for a wonderful set of weapons that he gifted me, this guy has been a blessing to me. I am equally grateful to @rentmoney and many others who have gifted me their weapons in the past, either through giveaways at dPoll or through another means.

Many thanks to my coaches @zaku @mango-juice and @xawi as well. The best trio of coaches you would find in Splinterlands!

Alright, that is all for now. Time to get ready for another battle.

From Splinterlands, I wish you a great day!

@akomoajong 09/06/2019

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