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Hello Splinterlands Community!
Hope everyone is keeping their sanity in this bear market.
It has been about 6 months since I participated in Weekly Battle Challenge but I thought about making a come back.
Today we are going to talk about my experience about a battle featuring Dhampir Stalker, the theme card for this week's battle challenge.



Before we talk about the battle, let us briefly talk about the card.

Rarity: RARE
Element: DEATH
Attack: RANGED
Abilities: True StrikeDeathblow

How often did you loose a battle as your killing blow got dodged by one of those high speed flying monsters and you threw away your mouse in anger!
Introducing Dhampir Stalker, your Hawkeye from the death splinter.
Let's take a look at the stats and then talk a bit more about the stats and utility of the card.

For 7 mana cost, the card gives 3 ranged damage, 2 speed and comes with hp of 5 at level 1. But what makes the card stand out is it's True Strike ability so that you can say F you to that Obsidian and Regal Peryton spamming at bronze level.
Since, I play in the gold league, I did not think twice about owning a level 6 copy of the card which comes with 4 damage, 3 speed and 7 hp.
At level 5 and above the card also inherits Deathblow ability helping you with that deadly killing blow to the last card of the opponent's deck.


Now that, we have enough information about the card, let us take a look a battle featuring the card.


  • Mana Cap : 52
  • Rule set :
    Spreading Fury: All Monsters have the Enrage ability.
    Stampede: The Trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled Monster is killed.
  • Available Splinters :



For our summoner we went for a level 6 Thaddius Brood which reduces the opponent decks magic damage and hp by 1.
Certainly a powerful summoner if used properly.


At position 1, we went with a level 3 Harklaw, a solid tank that has 2 melee damage, 2 speed, 3 shield and 9 hp.
More importantly, the card has very useful abilities like Shield Immunity Demoralize

At the second position, we went with a level 3 Djinn Muirat, one of the most undervalued and versatile card from Chaos Legion set.
This beast of a card has 3 magic damage, 2 speed, 4 shield and 8 hp.
At level 3 this card has a whopping 4 abilities of Void Armor Knock OutGiant Killer and Magic Reflect.
I feel, this card is an absolute steal at $4.5/BCX.

At the third position, we have a level 1 Raa.
The Riftwatcher Legendary card lands 2 heavy hits of 3 archery damage each with the help of Double Strike. Additionally the card also has Flying and Scattershot abilities.
Though the card costs 12 mana, it definitely brings a lot of value to the death deck.

Next, have our card of the week, a level 6 Dhampir Stalker.
Since we already went over the stats of the card earlier we will not do the same again and directly see him in action in a bit.


At the fifth spot, we have a level 3 Lira the Dark. At this level the card comes with 3 archery damage, 6 hp and 6 speed which becomes 7 with the help of it's
Swiftness ability. Apart from that, the card also has Opportunity and Snare abilities. This card will win you a lot of matches with these abilities.

In the last spot, we went with a level 8 Silent Sha-vi. For mana cost of 5, the card brings 3 melee damage, 7 hp and speed of 6 which again is increased to 7 with the Swiftness ability from Lira the Dark. The card itself has Sneak and Cripple abilities which comes very handy in battles.



Position #13
Position #24
Position #33
Position #44
Position #54
Position #64



  • Round 1:

In the first round RAA drew first blood by taking out Technowizologist.
Though the opponent deck has lost one of their main damage dealer, the battle is still evenly poised.

  • Round 2:

In the second round, our Silent Sha-vi eliminated Tinderlock from the last position. However, we too lost our Harklaw by the ranged damage from Lava Launcher.

  • Round 3:

We started this round strong as Lira the Dark takes out the Scavo Firebolt in very first turn of the round.
Situation looked more promising for us as Dhampir Stalker eliminated Forgotten One from the first position followed by another kill by RAA eliminating Fineas Rage

  • Round 4:

It was a matter of time that we bag our victory in this round. And surely, in the second turn of the round the killing blow came from Silent Sha-vi taking out the Lava Launcher.


THE LINK : You may watch the full battle here


Did My Strategy Work?
Conqueror Jacek is one of the strongest summoners available from Chaos Legion and we needed a proper strategy to bag the victory.
Though we did know that we will be facing Conqueror Jacek, our strategy was to have our Harklaw holding it's ground at the front line as we deal heavy damage from the back.
And Dhampir Stalker played a vital role here as in Spreading Fury rule set it is not uncommon to see a few misses and we wanted to ensure that our Dhampir Stalker focuses on taking out the opponent's tank and it exactly did that in Round #3 of the battle.

Do I like the Dhampir Stalker? Why or why not?
Dhampir Stalker is an amazing card for it's True Strike ability alone and having high range damage is just a bonus. I do use the card quite often and I am sure many players from the community does the same.

Do let me know in the comments if you liked my article.

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Until you come across my post again ...

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