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Acolytes of Helio

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Who is @acolytesofhelio?

The @AcolytesOfHelio is a guild formed within @splinterlands, comprised of several HIVE users coming together to form a strong alliance and friendship towards eachother. In our pursuit of membership consensus, collaboration and promotion, we decided it would benefit us to co-create a HIVE account we could all contribute towards. Members within our guild have decided to bring our artistic/music/writing creativity, knowledge about crypto, decentralized owned NFT assets, and collaboratively contribute to a guild. We envision our guild as a form of fledgling, evolving DAO.

Why follow @acolytesofhelio?

Engaging with decentralized social media allows us to co-corroborate and create blog content as a guild. We will be posting our personal Splinterlands tips, along with other NFT gaming related content and cryptocurrency content in general. This account will act as a form of curation, and will be posting weekly snippet updates with what our membership has been up too. In anticipation of this, a few introduction posts as to whom our members are is due.

Without further delay:

Membership Introduction Post #2

(In no particular order)

Hey everybody. This is @dudeontheweb. I first started out on Steem 3 years ago and moved over to Hive after the fork. I have been playing Splinterlands at the beginning of March 2020. I was the the first member of our guild after it's creation by @patrickulrich.

I like to live stream my daily quests on vimm.tv and I stream a large variety of retro games. I also post my daily quest rewards and pack openings on d.buzz. So if you happen to catch one of my streams, jump on in and say hi in the chat or follow me on Hive.

@sirsnorfkin is the founder of the Snorfkingdom.com, a blockchain gaming community, and is also a reviewer of upcoming and established blockchain games, Dapps, and NFT projects. When he is not growing the community he is busy battling it out in a Splinterlands Brawl with the @AcolytesofHelio. Check out the Snorfkingdom Discord server, drop by and say hello!

Hi. My name is @WeakBot and some of you might have heard it before because I have been active in so many games and communities over the years, also it is an easy to remember name. I have been asked a lot but to clarify... I am not a bot, I am a Software Engineer in a huge company and in my spare time I used to workout a lot, play games and trade stocks. At the beginning of this year I found about blockchain games and was stumbled at how well thought out everything was. I first got hooked with Axie Infinity and Splinterlands and I have been a daily player since then. I absolutely love the communities of them both and decided that I should spread the word because many are unaware of such games. Therefore, I made some related Reddit posts that got a lot of attention and managed to introduce a lot of people to blockchain games.


Hi! I'm @Junkfeathers . I've been on Hive over 3 years and I started playing Splinterlands back in 2018. I didn't become a daily player until 2020 when I joined this kick ass guild.
I'm a songwriter/music producer, artist, and etsy shop owner. I run the DIY record label Floob Records and my sticker shop is Sticker And Sticks. Other hive games I play are Rising Star and Hashkings. I'm currently experimenting with Oculus Quest for VR art, if you wanna Oculus game, hit me up

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This will round up our second introduction post! If you enjoyed this post, please upvote and follow us and our members. We have members with many different styles of content so please check us all out and give us a follow!


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