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Acolytes of Helio

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Who is @acolytesofhelio?

The @AcolytesOfHelio is a guild formed within @splinterlands, comprised of several HIVE users coming together to form a strong alliance and friendship towards eachother. In our pursuit of membership consensus, collaboration and promotion, we decided it would benefit us to co-create a HIVE account we could all contribute towards. Members within our guild have decided to bring our artistic/music/writing creativity, knowledge about crypto, decentralized owned NFT assets, and collaboratively contribute to a guild. We envision our guild as a form of fledgling, evolving DAO.

Why follow @acolytesofhelio?

Engaging with decentralized social media allows us to co-corroborate and create blog content as a guild. We will be posting our personal Splinterlands tips, along with other NFT gaming related content and cryptocurrency content in general. This account will act as a form of curation, and will be posting weekly snippet updates with what our membership has been up too. In anticipation of this, a few introduction posts as to whom our members are is due.

Without further delay:

Membership Introduction Post #1

(In no particular order)

My name is @solymi! I stumbled on this blockchain in early January and have been hooked ever since. I am fascinated by the ecosystem and vibrant community. Engaging with others is not only fun, but also rewarding.
I play @risingstargame and @splinterlands on hive. I am a beginner in Alien Worlds. (I hope they will have a game soon...) I might get started in Ethermore and Guild of Guardians. I also own some property on upland. You can check out my artwork in my NFTShowroom Gallery as well! Nice to meet you!

Hi everyone, my name is @freeztag, active in crypto since 2017 but I'm still pretty new to HIVE, I got introduced through playing splinterlands. I have been playing since march 2021 and been pretty active since then. I started staking SPT and smaller amounts of POB and HIVE, I started publishing content regularly on HIVE, I got into CUB finance and I started playing @risingstargame as well. I'm definitely enthusiastic about everything related to HIVE and am looking forward to see how everything grows. In the non digital world I'm a full-time developer (not blockchain related) born and raised in Belgium.

Good day to all! My handle for the last 16 years has been @Gigas and I consider myself an amateur crypto and NFT investor, a full time Gamer, amateur streamer, and dedicated Christian. I'm the owner and operator of the #GuildOfGuardians chapter of @AcolytesofHelio. I recently was blessed, was able to snag a plot of land in Sandbox.game and we will be expanding our guilds reach there. You can catch me livestreaming on Twitch. I try to stream every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 7PM and Friday/Saturday at 5PM EST. Viewers get entered into my end of stream giveaway and for 100 DEC! You can challenge me, and if you win, you get to spin my wheel of prizes! I hope to see you soon! Stop by the stream and say "Hi" :)

Hey, @amphlux here. Musician, cryptonerd, artist, gamer and eccentric weirdo. I've been on HIVE since Steemit days and HIVE is obviously superior. I started playing Splinterlands back in January and got hooked, and it is definitely my favorite NFT game out there. I post articles here and there on HIVE, mostly on Peakd, Leofinance and POB. Baby CUB farmer, altcoin yolo'er and decentralization enthusiastic but in the real world I'm in IT and a father. I'm based in the dead center of the USA. You can check out my music on several different platforms, including Audius and legacy sites. I'm also a digital artist, 2D/3D/modeling/animation videography, photography, overall production powerhouse. You can check out some of my digital artwork in my NFTShowroom Gallery as well! Thank you!

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