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Hello friends, how are you all, I hope you and your family will be well. I am also spending my time with my family among friends. Friends, whatever we do, we do it for our family only. That's why I would like to say to you among friends that you stay as close as possible to your family. So friends, now let's talk about work, our year 2023 is going very well. Everyone is happy. By looking at the crypto market. Because friends, we saw a lot of decline in the year 2022. Everyone was scared to see the market. But friends, we all know that there are ups and downs. I just hope that the coming year will be better for us. Thanks

Alric Stormbringer.png

Friends today you have Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! But I am going to write a post, I am going to talk about that which you will like very much. Friends, you know that we have to write 2 posts in a week. And today the day has come in which we have to write the first post of this week. Today I have to play 26 Mana battles. So friends, first of all I had to take Sumner, then I took Water Sumner, which I like very much. Friends, the name of the summoner is ALRIC STORMBRINGER. One who looks like a magician in himself. Because friends, seeing the beard of this summoner, everyone will call him a magician. Friends, this is a card of 3 mana only. But friends, you know that every summoner has its own specialty. This summoner doubles the attack of magic cards.

position 1

Xenith Monk.jpg

I have taken Xenith Monk Neutral card first in my battle, because friends this card is worth 4 mana. And health is 6. And Speed is 3 and Attack is 1. Friends, there is only one purpose of taking this card because you have to play low mana battle, that's why you need a low mana card.

position 2

Hardy Stonefish.jpg

Then I have taken HARDY STONEFISH card in second place in my battle, it is a COMMON Water card. Friends, this card is of only 1 mana. And this card's health is 1. And Attack is 1 and Speed is 1. Friends, this card has all 1's. This card is very useful for you in low mana battles.

position 3

Torrent Fiend.jpg

Friends, I have taken TORRENT FIEND card at 3rd place. Friends, this card is of Water. That's why when you see this card, you see it like a water fish. Friends, the biggest thing about this card is that this card is of 0 mana and health is 1 and attack is also one, and speed is of 2. Friends, you cannot get a better card than this in 0 mana. Friends, you see this card more in low value battles.

position 4

Spirit Miner.png

Friends, I have taken SPIRIT MINER LEGENDARY Neutral card at 4th place, because friends, this card attacks magic, so I have taken this card in my battle. Friends, whenever you see this card, it looks like a worker working in a gold mine. The one who is seen holding Diamond in his hand, friends, this card is of 6 mana, and Health is 6, Attack is 2, and Speed is 3. Friends, being neutral, you can use it in any summoner.

position 5

Ruler of the Seas.png

Friends, I have kept my popular card named RULER OF THE SEAS at 5th place, because this card of mine should be safe so that I can use it more. This is a Magic card, so I take this card in my battle. I think this is the best card among all the cards. This card has a specialty that whenever this card attacks, the card in front gets attacked, but the card behind it also gets the effect of attack. This card is 6 mana and has 2 attack and 5 health. And 3 has speed.

position 6


Friends, in this battle, I have kept LOBSTRADAMUS card in the last. Friends, this card gives you 9 health for 6 mana. Many times I have seen such cards. Those who attack your last card. In such a situation, this card is very useful for you. The attack of this card is 2, but if you take this card in water, then its attack becomes 1+ because it is a magic attack card.




Friends, I had to make a team of 26 mana in this battle. So friends, I felt like playing water battle. Friends, you saw that I took all my low value cards and I won this battle very easily. Friends, whenever you want to play a low-value battle, you can take a card after seeing this battle of mine. If you like my post then do share and comment.

My battle link :-https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_b26a3bda024319043f78f176b3c8ae27&ref=arsh11

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