Hello friends how are you all I hope you and your family will be happy. And you will be spending your time spinning with your family. Friends, in this month's SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! GRUND about to write another post. Friends, whenever I start writing, I feel like writing something new. I want to write something in such a way that everyone reads this post of mine and they get to learn something from my post. So that those people can also participate. And can keep your mind's talk on this platform. Friends, there are many such platforms where we can reach our point to other people. Friends, I hope that the year 2023 goes very well for the hive community and reaches number one.


Today I am going to tell you very interesting things about Grund card, friends, this card is of Earth. When you see this card, you see this card like Gitkit who is challenging someone with a hammer in his hand to fight with me. He is looking like this. Friends, when I read the post about this card, I liked it very much because to write something new this time, I needed a new card on which I could write something new. That's why I decided to take Grund card on rent so that I can know more about this card. And I can write about this in more detail. Friends, I got this card from 0. Took it on rent in 2 dec for 2 days. If you want to write something on any card then you have to use that card first then only you can write something on that card. Until we know everything about that card, we cannot tell anything about that card to others. We have to give absolutely accurate information about this card to others. That's why first use it yourself, only then you have to tell about it. Friends, this card is of 10 mana, and health is 10, and speed is 3 and attack is of 3. Friends, if you want to buy this card, then you get this card in 2127 dec. You get this card for 1551 credits. If you want to buy this card in dollars, then you will get this card 1. Available for $1.55 Friends, I used this card for the first time and I have won seven battles very easily. If you update this card and you level up 6, then you need 46 cards. Double Strike - Monster attacks twice each round. Trample - When a Monster with Trample hits and kills its target, it will perform another attack on the next Monster on the enemy Team. Cripple - Each time an enemy is hit by a Monster with Cripple it loses one max health.

Furious Chicken.png

The FURIOUS CHICKEN card has proven to be a very useful card. Friends, since this card is of 0 mana, you can take this card in your low mana battle. Friends, if you take this card in your battle, then you do the safety of your other cards, because friends, you would like to keep this card at the forefront. And if the team in front attacks, it directly comes on this card only. This gives your second card some time. You must have seen how many times we win even losing battles because of this card.

Mycelic Morphoid.jpg

MYCELIC MORPHOID is an Earth common card. Friends, apart from being of 1 mana, this card also has 1 health and 1 attack and 1 speed. Friends, how many times we have to play battle of 12 mana and how many times due to lulls, we do not get the cards of our choice. Then we need another card. Then we can take help of such cards and play our battles. If you play battles, then we know that we can win battles with such cards as well.

Goblin Psychic.jpg

GOBLIN PSYCHIC is an Earth common card. Due to this being a magic card, it becomes very deadly, friends, you take this card to increase the health of your other cards. Because friends, this card keeps increasing the health of other cards along with magic attack. It works like a wizard. Friends, this card is of 6 mana and health is of 3, attack is of 2 and speed is 1. Friends, this card is very strong due to low health and speed. The battle that I won today, I won because of this card. You will see that this card is of no use, but you will know when you take this card in your battle.

Elven Mystic.png

ELVEN MYSTIC is the RARE Neutra card. Friends, whenever I play battle, I make my whole team with magic attack cards only. And you know that ELVEN MYSTIC is expert in doing a magic attack. Friends, if you make a team with magic attack, you win 70 battles. Because magic attack cards directly attack the health of the card in front. This is what makes this card storage.





Friends, you can see that I want to play 25 Mana battles, so friends today I have decided to get a new card, which you will like very much. Whose name is Grund card, which I have kept in the first position in my battle. Because friends, you have to keep such a card, which is more respected and healthier. Then I have placed FURIOUS CHICKEN on the 2nd position, which is a card of 0 value. Friends, how many times the cards of the opposite team are such that they attack your 2nd position card. This card is only going to tolerate the attack of the opponent. Then I put the MYCELIC MORPHOID card on the 3rd position, friends, this card is of 1 mana and also has 1 attack. If we want to play low mana battle then we have to take such cards. Then I have taken GOBLIN PSYCHIC at position 4 because friends, I have to protect this card from the attack of the front team. That's why I put this card on position 4, and when you see my battles, you will know that I won because of this card. Then I have taken the last ELVEN MYSTIC card, because friends, this card has 5 health, so I have kept this card in the last. So that he can burn a little attack. Friends, I have written today's post with great care, if you like my post then do share and comment.

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