SPK Network AMA


Being a contributor to the SPK Network, I want to answer some questions people may have about the project. In addition, other members of the SPK Network may chime in as well, such as @starkerz co-founder of 3speak and the SPK Network lead devs @vaultec and @bobinson, so if you have any technical questions, please feel free to ask. The SPK Network consists of many contributors and is a community effort.

From my perspective, I'm happy we are getting to a place where we are making great progress and happy to share that with you all.

To spice things up, 3 questions will be chosen at random to win 30 Hive each. Good luck!

On Monday 5/17/21, 8:00 AM Pacific Time, some SPK Network contributors will be doing a live voice AMA in the SPK Network telegram: https://t.me/spknetwork

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