Born Again Christian's Infuriatingly Illogical 'Debate' with Vegan Activist. Uses Bible To Justify Enjoying Murdering Animals.

Joey Carbstrong is a vegan and animal rights activist who has dedicated his life to outreach and education. He regularly uploads thought provoking conversations with members of the public to social media. In this episode he faces a particularly brainwashed and ill prepared 'Christian' who insists that it's ok to kill innocent animals 'because he's allowed to' even though he agrees that the perfect humans were Adam & Eve, who were vegan. The denial is palpable, the logic is painful...

As a rational person with an open mind, I like to consider other people's ideas and thinking. If they demonstrate clear and coherent logic that doesn't have holes in it then I might adopt it in my own thinking. If they have holes in their thinking and appreciate having them pointed out - then I respect them. If they have holes in their logic and refuse to look at them, then I know there is a red flag regarding their integrity, balance and safety. If they refuse to look at their errors in areas where they are causing harm to others, then there is no doubt to me that they are dangerous.

In this video, Joey talks with an Australian "born again Christian" who claims to be a scientist, while espousing some of the least well thought out ideas I've heard in a long time regarding creation and life itself.

I could write an entire book on how obscenely denial ridden his ideas are, but I'll leave it to you to feel them for yourself.

Here's an amusing summary of one aspect:

  1. He says, paraphrasing: humans have genetically and spiritually decayed since 'the garden of eden'. we can't trust our own conscious - we need to only trust the bible.
  2. The bible was written by humans a very long time after the garden of eden and after genetics have decayed a whole lot - But we should still trust those people's writings to be the word of God (infallible) because those humans that wrote the bible were right... Despite having suffered genetic entropy.. because.. they said we should. lol
  3. His logic effectively means that if Jesus returns or the holy spirit speaks through people today and says something to correct what was in the Bible we must ignore it because the bible is right and nothing has been learned in 2000 years of any use.

This would be amusing if we weren't talking about a grown man justifying him hacking the heads from living animals because - in his own words - he 'enjoys' it! Just evil.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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