Virtue of stepping back

權貴龍驤英雄虎戰 以冷眼視之 如蟻聚羶 如蠅競血 是非蜂起得失蝟興 以冷情當之 如冶化金 如湯消雲 (後 72)

Power holders compete like dragons, and heroes fight like tigers. If looking at it with cold eyes, it is like a flock of ants gathering in a fishy mass of meat, and it is like a swarm of flies fighting and sucking blood. The dispute for right and wrong buzzes like a bee, and gains and losses occur like hedgehogs' hair. If treating them coldly, it's like quenching iron in a crucible or melting snow in boiling water. (Book2 72)

Dealing with emotional issues always requires a third-person perspective.

Vegetable Root Discourse

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