Suffering and the color of compassion

At the Abbey of Montserrat, 5/20/2019

The mental image that blue gives us is cool but warm. When my heart feels stuffy and feels like a dead end even though I try to run away from it, I often take a deep breath with "Pooh!" and looking up the blue sky makes me feel open. Anguish is often symbolized as a very hot heat. Thinking of the blue and clear sky makes us calmn down our mental heat, sufferings. A Chinese letters, 慈悲, translated as compassion, has two meanings: “慈” to “make others happy” and "悲” to “empathize and relieve the pain of others”. The crucifixion of Christ might symbolize the hidden meaning of compassion.

Life is Unsatisfactory –dukkha

Buddhism says that the only way we must overcome dukkha is by practicing compassion. Christianity shares a practical context with this regards. So I want to call the color of compassion as blue but warm like clear sky.

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