Dukkha, meditation tool of ascetic's

Monasterio de La Encarnación, Ávila, Spain, 05/13/2019

When I was young, I did not understand the behavior of ascetic monks. Why do they deliberately take pains left behind a beautiful life? As I learned Buddhism, I began to understand little by little. But I still don't understand. Maybe it's because I'm already used to the sweet dreams of life. They may be people who wake up early in their dreams. But we don't admit it. No!, we do not want admit it.

All beings experience pain and unhappiness (dukkha) during their lifetime.

“Birth is pain, old age is pain, sickness is pain, death is pain; sadness, grief, ache, sorrow and anxiety are pain. Contact with the unpleasant is pain. Separation from pleasure is pain. Not getting what one wants is pain. In short, the five aggregates of the mind and matter that are subject to attachment are pain”.

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