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Once upon a time in Sumer, the great primordial Mother, Namma, womb to all life, known by her epithet the Engur (Apsu) encouraged her son Enki to make humans from the clay she would produce from her body. With seven birthing goddesses to clip the primordial clay from her, and the magical incantations of her son, humans were created.

I will explore and show how this Sumerian myth from the third millennium bce got passed down to the Assyrians, then the Babylonians and lastly the Abrahamic religions.
At each step of the way, the goddesses disappear, and the origins of the clay disappear. The Apsu becomes masculine and eventually all the creative forces are absorbed into one father who creates the humans from earth.

The presentation will be followed by a discussion.

The Lord of Water or Earth : Enki/Ea
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Pre-historic Mother Goddess from the region of the great Sumerian City of Ur:

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This presentation is part of a week long celebraton of the one year anniversary of the VISION TRAIN: Come join me: Friday March 26th / 8-10 pm GMT / 11 am to 1 pm PDT – check your time zone


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