My Favorite Look at Gender Fluidity From a Spiritual Perspective



My yoga teacher Ravi Singh has a way with words and can express himself brilliantly. I was so inspired by his answer to a question about gender in yoga that I had to share it. I think it has a lot of layers to be appreciated.

Yogi Bhajan did believe that the concept of polarities is a universal constant and that masculine and feminine qualities inform each other to keep the Universe in balance. In terms of our individual makeup and psyche, everyone contains all of the gender qualities. The ones we choose to express reflect what we need to do to find balance, wholeness, and redemption.

The very concept of Creation is based on the law of polarity. The Universe started off as 0, non-being, and needed being to fill that lonely void. In that sense God represents the masculine, pure potential. Creation, considered feminine is the Godess that brings the equation to fruition. So does that mean that masculine / feminine is where it's at and that this dynamic informs everything? The answer is yes and no. In the macro-cosmic sense yes. In the micro-cosmic sense (that's us) no.

The truly wise person honors nuance and gradation over generalization. Everyone's expression of gender is unique and every relationship has its own dynamic. Everyone must navigate for themselves the interplay between their personality, style, wounding, gifts, and soul. How we navigate and elevate those prompts determines the trajectory of our lives.

We actually agree that in relationships each person does resonate more with masculine or feminine qualities but that this is fluid and can change every day. In successful relationships both parties honor each other's rhythms and energy. The concept of masculine / feminine is not a strictly either/or proposition. These universal constants blend seamlessly into one another in an eternal dance of beauty, joy, creativity, and power.

And this is my favorite part:

Sat Nam means true you and Kundalini Yoga is all about being ourselves. We are all unique and how great is that? Our bodies are ultimately just vehicles that we drive through this life. Biologically speaking, the tasks our bodies were designed for are becoming somewhat less relevant. Many aspects of gender choices revolve around the decision to not be dictated to by an archaic biological construct. Not letting oneself be dictated to solely by biological imperatives is a very high spiritual attainment.

What do you think? Do you think the gender fluidity movement is a step toward our human evolution as more subtle beings?

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