Speak The Truth


Where are those teachers? Talking about teachers, not teachers
World forgot them, not reading them
Today's visual reality is different, digitally different
We are pursuing unreality in unreal world, organic but plastic world.

No sense form, there is no form
Our mind is a form, the creator of form
We can transform, new form
Who are we? We know who are we.

Wrong teacher, wrong teachings, right teacher, right teachings
Teachings are foundations, past and future foundations
In truth both past and future is altered, digitally altered
We are the batteries of the matrix, real and unreal matrix.

Today's problems are low vibrational, shifting towards more lower vibrational
Discussions on waste topics, racial topics
Choosing wrong with the help of illusion, one's own illusion
This illusion eats mind, wisdom of mind.

Truth is hidden by brands, materialistic brands
These brands divides this world, they divide this one world
They can do it, because consciously or subconsciously we are allowing it
Seeing the truth? Speak the truth.

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"This is my original and imaginative work".

(Pictures are edited and used from the Canva application).

Chiranjeevi Sarikonda


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