Two Latino Community Witnesses Ready to Launch into Top20 - Vote Now!


Each day the Steem community is taking back an inch to regain control of the Top20 consensus witness positions recently taken over by Tron with the help of exchanges voting with their customer funds without customer consent to do so. While Huobi and Binance have withdrawn their votes, Poloniex continues to vote and so does the Steemit stake which has broken its social contract to never be used to vote to manipulate community governance.

So far the community has turned out in droves to vote for original witnesses to regain the top 20 slots, but each day Tron powers up more hostile stake to counter. We have gained 11/20 positions and need your help to regain some more.

Spanish witness @cervantes and Portuguese witness @thecryptodrive are neck-in-neck in votes and the next in line to enter the top20. Only with your help can we regain super-majority consensus postions.


Vote today using your preferred link:

Or use the quick SteemConnect link to vote @cervantes:

Or use the quick SteemConnect link to vote @thecryptodrive:

Ninguém deve mexer com a nossa comunidade! Vota para @thecryptodrive e @cervantes agora!

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