Minorities Murdered

In South Africa, they came and started murdering farmers. Here are some videos below with these stories of murder, rape, theft, and more. You would not dare tell people about this, would you? You wouldn't want to tell Trump about this, would you? We all have opportunities for making differences in this world.

In some places, only black people are allowed to own land. In those places, the land is raped. There are big holes in the ground as many of the black farmers are working the soil, the crops, the dirt, to death. But imagine if there were places in America where only white people could own land and stuff? That would be in the news globally. But when the reverse happens, then main stream media is silent.

South Africa Hell Time

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How many times have main stream media ignored black rapists, murderers, and others, especially in South Africa? A six year old white girl was given a joker smile. Many white kids are raped and murdered. Black people, many who were not originally natives of South Africa originally, are running over farms and are killing the white farmers because they are white and because they are too rich and bad or so the black people say. The natives of South Africa, the bush men, were protected by the white colonists, just barely, even as the black colonists, invaders, were trying to kill all of them. In other words, like the native American Indians, black people were killing other black people. Now, the black people are killing a lot of white people.

So, this is what we see in life, for those who study history, we can see that history is full of patterns. For example, Muslims conquered many parts, many countries, all over the Middle East, Africa, bits of Asia too, and especially many places all over Europe, especially Spain. Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern and others are talking about it. Oh, I knew John Page, a Word Of Life missionary, and he had the biggest smile in the world, and I heard that he and his family went to South Africa maybe 2005 or so, and I do hope for the best for him.

But you would not dare tell people that this is what happens when we let the wrong people into our countries through progressively democratic liberalism, I mean open borders, I mean the notion towards socialism, communism, the Obama redistribution of wealth stuff, towards corporatism, monopolism, tyranny, crony capitalism, plutocracy, bigger government, and race wars, and gender wars, and all kinds of social like wars and stuff. The good news is that millions of people are engaged in these conversations with Laura on Facebook and there are others and we can know that our country and your country and my country and many countries can become like South Africa someday through too many illegal immigrants, as in open borders, and through a government that lacks enough separation of powers.

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