Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro - Free License !!!

Microsoft Hyperlapse is a video editor from the software giant for creating smooth, stabilized time-lapse videos. The application with a simple English-language interface will be useful for those who like to experiment with video sequences and make original clips.

The main feature of Microsoft Hyperlapse is a proprietary video production technology with a set pause between frames (time-lapses). All step-by-step work with MP4 / MOV / WMV files is carried out in the built-in player, in the settings you can select the model of the camera that shot the video (the developer recommends wide-angle GoPro), the speed of the video sequence, the degree of image stabilization, the desired parameters of delay, resolution and frame rate (creating 4K time-lapses from 3840 × 2160 px - only in Windows 10). Compared to the trial version, Hyperlapse Pro, which supports flagship GPUs and multi-core CPUs, does not watermark time-lapse clips.

How do I get a free Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro license?

Download from the official Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro website:

Install on PC (laptop).
At the first start through the link "Please activate now to remove the watermark" open the form and copy the license key (activation code) 6NQYH-7DV6T-GY9BH-HTHPC-YKPCM → "Activate" into it.

Terms of the offer:
Lifetime personal non-commercial license for home use.
After reinstallation, you must reactivate the product.
System requirements: Windows 10/8 (8.1) / 7 64-bit / RAM from 4 GB / video card with support for OpenGL 2.0 and higher.

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