Structural racism in practice is just structural poverty.


Okay. Today's lesson is the practical application of bureaucratic overreach.

Let's say I, the evil overlord, wanted to implement a system where you had to show a paper or phone app proof that you had received a medical product in order to enter into any business. But wait! Somebody sued and won their lawsuit declaring it unconstitutional for the government to mandate it! Drat, there goes that super plan to tie it to drivers' licenses. Does that mean it is dead? Of course not! Private businesses can still implement it.

Let's check out how that won't be implemented then. Let's say that your transnational chain BigCheapMart has decided to make you "show your papers please" in order to shop. Guess what?!? They just lost 3/4 of their customers. That's right, three quarters of their customers have not received their medical product for various reasons, or did but completely lost their piece of paper proving that they had. Instead, they went across the street to Bobby Jim Billy's Market to shop, because they gotta eat.

Okay. That seems sane. What kind of businesses WILL implement this then? The kind that always wanted to keep the deplorable riffraff unclean dirty filthy poor people out of their businesses anyway. You know, the upper class handbag shops, the airlines, really expensive private schools, golf clubs, massage parlors. You know, businesses that profit based on small sales numbers and large prices instead of high volume and low margins.

When I said it perpetuated structural racism, I wasn't kidding.

What it really really means, is that certain segments of our society are parasites who just want to steal from the upper-middle class and give to the rich, while pretending to give to the poor. Everything the government touches fails to deliver on promises due to abuse of power and corruption. What, therefore, is the solution to "structural racism?" Not more government.

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