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My cherub!
My way maker!
My direction provider!
My lead in all cases!
Thinking about who you've come to save me from afar has been a series of stories, full of unimaginable things.
They say you began saving me from my childhood which I've never doubted.
It all began on a very sad morning when I was sent away from the charity home, simply because I was seen to possess some supernatural powers. You were the one that gave them to me.
Though I wasn't old enough to know how and when to use it, you made yourself available for me at all times.
I lived in the streets full of evil men and women who love to taste the blood of children. They called them witches and wizards, powerful enough to delay one's destiny with a snap of the finger.


You were just there shooting arrows on those who wish to have me for lunch or breakfast.
I prayed and thanked God for providing such a destiny helper, keeper and protector.
I lived under no one's shelter, fed no one's meal and picked crumbs from no rich kid's table.
You made provisions for me, making my trashes a source of riches.


I got rich from picking trashes from the polluted waterside, made less friends and lots of enemies, yet you never left me behind.
They planned on many ways to ice me, but your grace was very sufficient, enough that it vaporized their ideas.
They planned to fail everyday, all day. Tried and failed again and again.


Yeah, you made my ways so smooth. Watered my farm and shot arrows to every barrenness of my vineyards.
Harvest was made bountiful because you said so. Foods were enough that I almost fed the nation. Reservations were made because you saw the need and provided me with lots of ideas on how to make it happen.


Oh my loving one. You called me home to have my rest. Carried me like a baby in your bosom.
I slept like a baby, thought of no evil and dreamt of bigger things to come my way, just like the rivers of living waters.
May I never be found wanted in your presence.

This is my entry to Create your New Year Cherub round 4 by @snook
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