Share my world: Garden Spring 2018

2018 was my second year gardening. A look at my Spring 2017 garden is here. This post is a chronological look at my garden from January to June 2018. In addition to the great food I planted in my vegetable garden I also planted a wildflower garden and started composting this year.

January 2018

I wanted to plant some herbs in the garden. You will see later, that this type of sage has beautiful blue/ purple flowers.

February 2018

Bok Choy
One of my favorites! I let some of it flower and go to seed. I sent seeds to @scottshots in Tahoe. Steem friends connecting in real life!

My cute neighbor wanted to see my garden and he got a yummy treat to eat too.

This is the view I have from my kitchen window. I love looking out while preparing food and doing the dishes and watching my garden grow.

Spinach, lettuce and green onions

March 2018

The wildflowers started blooming!

and I started composting

which required a lot of studying!

April 2018

The wildflowers continued to grow and made it a delight to be in my garden. It was often surprised by the beautiful flowers that would come up.

Lettuce, bok choy, and carrots

Gorgeous Sage


A beautiful mixture of flowers and food.


The heat is intense by June so the flowers are dying and the watermelon is the only thing left growing.

The beauty of a dried out wildflower garden


All photos were taken with my smartphone. It is so great to have such unique, beautiful subjects right in my own yard.

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