Dead Bodies Reputation

Smart car ran over and murdered people. China is forcing reputation and credit scores upon people online which bans people from traveling on trains, planes, buses, public transportation, leading to even more dead bodies all over the place. Today is 2018, March 19, Monday, 3 PM PST LMS, near Seattle, Oatmeal Joey Arnold L4OJ OJAWALL, and big bad things are heating up to boil us up like we are frogs and we can choose to talk about the problems and the global revolutions all around us or we can get burnt alive. We live in this fork in the road. Let's talk about what we can do to make the world better with one oatmeal at a time. This video was first posted to Facebook but is being shared to YouTube and Dtube and maybe also PewTube and other places too. Global revolutions all around us.

Boiling Water Frogs Are We

2018-03-19 Monday 03:35 PM LMS: Dead Bodies Reputation

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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