All Fenced In - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 19

I wonder if the age-old question, (what came first, the chicken or the egg), has ever been answered?
It's a real head-scratcher.
Whenever the grandchildren visit, one thing they always want to do is walk up the dirt road and go see all of the farm animals at @farm-mom's cousin's place.
We call her the egg lady for a good reason, she keeps us stocked with farm-fresh eggs at all times.
For anyone who has never had a fresh egg, you really don't know what you're missing.


The egg lady raises between 18 and 24 chickens every year. She keeps them in a pen because of some unwelcomed guests like to stop by now and then. Last year she lost 7 of her chickens in a single night.


The chickens were not misplaced or missing, they had died a gruesome death one night when a fox dug under the #fencing and decided to thin out the flock.
Only one of the chickens that had killed was eaten, the other chickens seemed to have been slain by the fox, just for fun.
Keeping predators out of the fenced-in chicken coupe is a constant battle.


At least when the grandkids raid the chicken coupe, they only take the eggs.
The cool thing about farm-fresh eggs is that they are not all the same size or just one color, they come in many colors, check out the basket.


Despite the fact that an 8-foot tall fence surrounds the area where the chickens can be chickens, and not stuffed in a cage with thousands of other birds, occasionally one will fly the coupe. The white chicken at the back of this picture seems to be on the wrong side of the fence.


This is my entry to the feathered friend contest for BIrd and Fence.
Thank you @nelinoeva for coming up with another fun contest for the Feathered Friends community.
Thank you @melinda010100 for all of that you do to keep this community growing.
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