Hive-engine attacked, Running at sloth speed?

Good morning buzzers! It seems there was an attempted hack on Hive-engine the other day, it seems our mighty devs managed to fend it off and we continue forth into our merry adventure!

However there was one casualty, and as we may expect, it's the slowest amount us that pay the price! The big guys with their fast internet connections might see no difference, the majority might have picked up on there being a little more sloth around some of the outposts.

However, with sloths, slothly connection, it seems he's unable to connect to the outposts at all! Have they throttled the services that much? Is it a VPN issue? Where will all this confusion end?

Well, since I'm running on very limited time these next few days, I don't see an end to this sloth any time soon! I will have the chance for a slightly fasted connection over the coming days so will be sure to test out if that is the issue or if it's something else. With everything in tech, the little guy, or in this case sloth, gets left behind. Luckily I'm still able to reach all other Hive services, so can at least continue business as normal there!

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