Carrera Analog to Carrera Digital Chip - Step By Step Guide 2021

When you switch the Carrera analog to Carrera digital it is quite the simple process, I will walk you through the step by steps blow-low

It has been a little while for a post about slot cars but I got a couple off good ones coming out over the next few days with more to come after that.

I am thinking or have slowly started a channel on LBRY and youtube for slot cars but I want to get more people on hive that like slot cars. I am working on a community for slot-cars ( NOT a tribe token) that I plan to introduce to more groups around Facebook and Reddit once I got it finished.

The hobby of slot cars is already a small one but growing likely de to these dumb lockdowns.

The last slot-car post I made was about some maintenance to a NASCAR Scalextric car. I had mention I planned to do a post about switching Carrera analog to Carrera digital that is what this post is.

The first thing I will list is the tools I find you will need to switch these 2 types of cars.

  1. Small star (Philips) Screwdriver
  2. Small Needle Nose Pliers

Items Needed

  1. Digital Carrera Chip

That is a pretty small list but this is meant to be an easy job for even a 10 year should be able to complete without much help.

I am going to list the steps to take the chip from one car to the next. If you are just adding a chip to a new car feel free to skip to step 4.

Step 1 - As I am just taking the digital chip from an old Carrera car and adding it to an old analog car I will have to take the 3-4 screws out of the bottom.

Step 2 - After the screws are taken out we can remove the body from the chassis. This will reveal the inside where we can see the digital chip is located.

Now that you have exposed the inside you can start to lift the wires to allow you to remove the female and male ends from each other.


Step 4 - If you are adding the digital chip to the analog car you will want to remove the one screw and 2 female and males end from the motor and the guide.


Step 4b - Once the analog chip is out you will see the small square you will need to pop out to allow the LED for the digital ship to fit.

Step 5 - With the digital chip unhook or new out of the package you are able to now click all the female and male ends together. They are all colour-coded for easy use and zero percent chance of a mistake when hooking up.

With the Carrera analog to Carrera digital chip now done you can put the body back on and tighten all the screws and head to your track and race. I like to make sure tho that all the car is working right before I take the time to put the body back on.


It was a good thing that I did this last step as I had my axel the wrong way and I was going backwards.

Now I need to get me chips but I enjoy racing these vintage NASCAR Carrera cars.


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