Made Some Glitch Clips Talking About Various Subjects

Sometimes I don't have many people to talk to so I try to make some talks to get some thoughts out there. Then I like to glitch them up for an effect. I think I am playing more on being a character than just talking about stuff.

The first one is about how we are subjected to fumigation!! In our small town we are right by the highway. We get the air pollution from the ongoing constant traffic. The other night was walking around and it was like everyone was doing laundry. I smelled a bit of food, mostly a strong scent of bounce sheets in the air. I almost couldn't believe it!!

The next video is about how there was a recent outbreak of covid at the Tesla factory and Elon Musk mocked the workers. I usually post to titktok first so I can easily add my own music to the background of the video!

The last video is about how billionaires enriched themselves through the crises, yet a segment of those crying foul chanting freedom have some racist ideology going on

So yea it's just getting into characters. I hope to do more and upload again soon. I like how the glitchy effect turned out in the last video. I like to keep it a bit weird.

All music in these videos is by Synthesis Underground. I like that effect 'cause that's what I like to do with my music, make it a background soundtrack for going on about stuff.

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