I Take a Stab at Drawing Confused Rosen

Hello, friends! I realize I haven't drawn anything in a long time, so it's time to practice. If I don't practice, my skill will deteriorate and I don't have much skill to begin with so let's get started! I already have a subject in mind...


I will draw this picture of the Michael Rosen that I screenshotted during one of his videos. The Michael Rosen makes for a good subject because he's always making silly faces and has a lot of character in his face anyway.

I've already drawn Happy Rosen and Alien Rosen ages ago here. I had fun with those so I'm happy to return to subject of Rosen.


Normally, I would start off the way everyone tells you to: an oval with a cross intersecting it. However, this is not a normal portrait drawing. The Michael Rosen's head is cut off so really we're just focusing on his perplexed expression.
And his ear.


I thought that this project was going to be a disaster since I'm just drawing it freehand but it's coming along "rather nice".


I'm finished "but... and this is a big but," it doesn't look finished. Well, that's just my style 😎
In my opinion he looks a bit more sleepy/dazed than mad/confused but he still looks mostly confused so I'm happy. It took me a little less than 30 minutes but I was also partly distracted by my cellular telephone.

Now that we've finished so quickly it's time for some more Michael Rosen quotes!

Things the Michael Rosen Never Actually Said:

  1. -"A bag of plums for the boy called Sheddle!"
    -"Waste of money. He won't survive."

  2. Can you pass me the butter, he says. I give him the THICK COOKING OIL!

  3. Clear the cheese out from under your spaghetti!

  4. My brother stopped breathing. I don't think mum has noticed yet, and I know how to break the news to her. I go up to her and say, Mum, your cooking is really horrible, buuuuut my brother is on the floor dead.

  5. He was a very nice man, Harrybo's grandad. Actually, he was a fucking prick. He had a shed with tins full of screw you.

For more things the Michael Rosen never actually said, just search "ytp Michael Rosen" on YouTube! ChickenPika is a good channel.
That is all for today. Until tomorrow!

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