Creating Assets for SkateHive Online Skateshop


I was browsing my favorite communities today and noticed some had more extensive developments than others.

Especially between two of my favorites; the WEEDcash network and the skatehive community.

Obviously, these communities are vastly different, one of them being tokenized with its own branded cryptocurrency and the other using delegation rewards from the Hive Blockchain to support its userbase.

Both are very respectable in my opinion and I hate to compare apples to oranges but I would love to see skatehive develop its own token among some other things like having a hivelisted shop where you could use the post rewards to buy cool gear.

I have been looking for a reason to post to the channel during the cold months and here is a great opportunity to build something that could benefit a lot of people.

As an artist I thought what better way than to create some assets that could be used to raise money to benefit the community?

So I got to work drawing in my pad with a pen.


I managed to draw enough to fill up my page with a chaos that would confuse anyone who wasn't involved in the process.

I came up with a few concepts that I liked and took some pictures that could be used to make a digital vectorized image.


I like to use Adobe Illustrator to work with and create vectors and to do most of my design work.

Vectors are geometrical images that use math to control the consistency of the final production.

They are used in marketing to place logos and other assets on all manner of objects by adjusting the print size and other variables for each medium.

Anyways, I went through several different concepts before I decided upon this typography for SK8 and using components from the Hive logo to give it a familiar characterized blockchain aesthetic.


This design could be used as a logo or could just serve as a promotional product for the skatehive community.

I made this image with a transparency so it could be applied to clothing or other print options.

Resizing from 500x500 pixels which is what I design logos at I made this vector into a 2400x2800 pixel PNG image.

I then uploaded the file to my Threadless account into a new product listing which created an online shop with a ton of awesome products for me in a matter of minutes.

My favorite of course is the skateboard!

scrnli_2_18_2021_8_39_22_pm.png Shop Now!

I have tried a lot of the products offered through threadless but not all of them.

I highly recommend the soft option on the T-Shirts <3 and the skateboards that are printed by CCS which has partnered with Threadless for a super high quality product.

scrnli_2_18_2021_8_34_27_pm.png Shop Now!

Of course there are so many options and these are all based on the one file that I uploaded which admittedly took a few hours to prepare from start to finish.

The process of writing this blog and acquiring/creating all the images to document the steps and the final products has also taken a reasonable sum of time.

I rather enjoy writing and designing and pretty much the whole process but I need to get faster at everything in order to make it more profitable for myself.


Only through hard work and dedication can we create a better world for ourselves and our dreams.

You can support my dreams by liking this post and dropping a comment below if you like this design!

Thanks so much for checking out my work here and please remember to check out my Artist Shop.

I would also like to invite my friend @knowhow92 the founder of @skatehive to please join me on Threadless so I can add any profits to the hoard through their built in collaborator system.

Threadless is really cool like that and it could allow any artists/brands to collaborate and profitshare!

I would love to create more stuff for any projects to further progress my skills and to make some coin of course.

If you or anyone you know need any graphic design work done please consider giving me a chance to help!

Thanks again I truly appreciate all the support and please remember to leave me some feedback in the comment section!

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