Is it just me?


So, good morning. I log on to @dunksocial to do some curations, just to see the value of my upvote based on the number of tokens staked so far. Usually, I take my data from so whenever I wanna kick start the morning curation, I'll go over there to check if my power has fully recharged. I checked this morning and it was 100% for Dunk! I came over to the site, I think I've voted on three posts already, then I noticed what's on the screenshot above. I never let my power go below 90.40% but I was shocked to see 85.1%

That got me thinking how many contents I've already casted a vote.

I went right back to and this was what I saw:


My power was still well above 94% so now am confused.

Which is accurate and which is Flawed?

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