#silverpornsaturday : Mirk Waters Booty Part 2 of 2 – My Royal Canadian Mint Haul

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” Blackbirds tend to like Shiny Things” ~ The Bloody Raven

As in my previous post https://hive.blog/hive-167922/@kerrislravenhill/fiveouncefriday-my-mirk-water-booty-part-1-of-2-my-new-sunshine-mint-5-ounce-bars , with my stackitis symptoms under control this blog will following up on the remaining Booty acquired immediately after the third and most recent massive drop in silver bullion prices that occurred back on March Friday the 13th. 🔪 🎃

Since my introductory post I've been clear on why I 'Stack' silver in various forms. Silver and gold has had a proven itself a universal and reliable form of money for thousands of years a track record yet unmatched by any other. The Bank of International Settlements in Basel Switzerland classify Gold as a Tier 1 Asset.

The RCM Haul

2020 10 Dollars 100th Anniversary Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Reverse: 1920 CANADA 2020, Mountie on horseback, FINE SILVER 2OZ
0.9999 Fine Silver, 62.2 g
Engraver: Paul Cedarberg

38mm Diameter, 5.9mm thick
Engraver: Sir E. B. Mackennal
Edge: Reeded

These have a nice Chunky feel to them being in the Two Ounce size just like the Privateer rounds and the Queen's Beasts.

Recently, most of us who are in the #silvergoldstackers , realized that there was a sudden huge demand for liquidity and thus affecting a broad swath of the entire economy. Fear was palpable as the Markets sold off en mass it's equities and Commodity positions into the relative safety of cash.

The size and breadth of this demand likely defied our perception in the magnitude and enormity. Normal economic models and fundamental principles no longer apply.

2017 5 Dollar 1/10th oz. Gold Maple leaf
Reverse; Maple Leaf, CANADA, FINE GOLD, .9999
3.11 g, 16mm Dia, 1.13mm Thickness, weight 3.11g
Engraver: Dora de Pedery-Hunt

Obverse; ELIZABETH II, Queen Elizabeth II, 5 DOLLARS
Reference KM# 929
Engraaver: Susanna Blunt

I’d get this baby in a capsule than leave it in ugly plastic.

For years few voices have warned of the impending flaws in our financial system. It's corrupt fractional reserve system, a growing il-liquid debt market, a consumer punishing inflation, and successive financially incompetent governments willing to create more virtual cash at the push of a button. Any Interest income from Cash savings is taxed and the remaining buying power being inflated away at rates faster than the official 2%. Pfft!

Ten Ounce Royal Canadian Mint Bar

With the expressed huge figures of relief cash bandied on the financial news we can be sure it will just be the beginning to a slippery slope into a hyper inflationary black hole and a worldwide economic disaster.

Could this Covid-19 epidemic be that feared Black Swan event? Up to now Governments are fast tracking massive aid programs spending of cash yet to exist. A fine tightrope to walk balancing the security and needs of the people they govern and the consequences of economic collapse with an already failing Keynesian fiat system.

Ten Ounce Royal Canadian Mint Bar


This Royal Canadian Mint bar is the best of both worlds as it is priced between Generic bars and it’s equivalent in ten 1 0z. Maple Leaf coins while still have the backing of the Royal Canadian Mint.

Whatever new financial system comes about when we pick up the pieces, it will be one with sound money. And that always reminds me to keep stacking precious metals.

And while we’re on the 10 oz Bars, just for FUN!....

Another Monster Box!
In my favorite color! Black.

Am I crazy or What? A Black Monster Box for my Bars too and so I take this Monster Box Mission to a new level. Could I really accumulate fifty Ten ounce bars? Perhaps if I could win any of the next top three lottery prizes! I should be optimistic like my Sis @silversaver888, so until then this will be My Bars Monster Box.

And that is it for my March “Mirk Water” Friday the 13th silver price massacre purchase and I have to build my Emergency Reserve Cash Fund back before I can ever do this again. It is already more expensive as the CDN/USD my Canadian Dollar just lost 6 CENTS against the USD since Friday the 13th!

Added to the Stack since Friday the 13th

Added to the Stack; 29 oz. of Silver, 0.10 oz. Gold!

The same questions as in my last ‘Mirk Water’ post;

Take advantage since the Friday the 13th Spot Price plunge? What did you get?

Is your style a Tubular Journey or a Monster Box Mission?”

Please share with us in the comments below.


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R. Clip art from 123RF
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