Emperor Joseph II and His Coins

I promised myself that I would try to write more articles about my coins. I haven't even shown all my Maria Theresa coins yet. But I think I've had enough. I will now write several small articles about her eldest son Joseph II and about his coins.

Joseph II lived in the years 1741 - 1790. In 1764 he became the Roman King and after the death of his father in 1765 the Roman Emperor. He was his mother's co-ruler from the same year. But his mother had the main say, with whom Josef II had constant disputes because he was a very radical reformer.

As the independent ruler, he began an incredible series of reforms. It is said that he published two reforms a day. For example, he banned burial in coffins to save wood. Some of his reforms were positive and important, most were stupid.

He was very unhappy as a person. He was alone in the room when he died. At the beginning of his reign, his people had high hopes for him. He was hated by the end of his reign.

Joseph II lived through and caused many events that I will write about in future articles. And I will be showing his coins in my articles.

Coins for Austrian Netherland
1 Kronenthaler, diameter 40 mm, 29.44 g, purity 873/1000
1/2 Kronenthaler, diameter 33 mm, 14.03 g, purity 873/1000
1/4 Kronenthaler, diameter 30 mm, 7.36 g, purity 873/1000

Why is the coin called Kronenthaler? Because of the crossed scepters between the crowns that belonged to Joseph II.

Mints M, A, B - Milano, Vienna, Kremnica (Kremnitz)

You will also find the letters S.A., Semper Augustus, on the coin. That means "always victorious". In fact, Joseph II lost all his wars.

I don't know how often you look at your coins. I don't very often. But every time I see these I think they are beautiful.

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