Fromage or Ooh Lá Lá?

Hi friends,

I had been wanting to put a bezel around some old Canadian Silver coins for a while... Specifically the 1967 series. I have already shown some cuff links I had made out of some old Mercury dimes in a different post, but I had an idea for the .50 and the .25 but somehow forgot to get a bezel for the .25
Anyway, the pictures of the half dollar are forthcoming, and my question is: is it cheesy or is it sparkly-good!? I am considering giving it to my niece (who just turned 16) what do y’all think?





The bezel is .925 and the coin is 80%
0.6 oz per $1 dollar face = 0.3 oz of .999 in the coin

So what do y’all think? Fromage or Oooh La Lá for the coin pendant?

Cheers! from @thedamus