My steem silver rounds

Hello everyone, I know I haven't posted on here in awhile and I'm sorry. I just haven't been able to get anymore silver recently. But I got 3 years worth of steem rounds I'm about to show you.


I have another steem round I won awhile back but I forgot to add it in the mix of coins here. And when the first hive silver bar came out I picked one up. But all of the steem rounds were gifted to me by friends. I personally enjoy the design and the piece of history that I hold in my hands every day. I can't wait to collect more coins when I can.


Maybe I will get lucky in the future and the coins will be worth a lot. I also wanted to let you guys and gals know that I restarted my dcity to earn more each day. They said the price will go up soon but i don't know we will have to wait and see I'm waiting for the third edition to come out.

On hive I'm still stacking for a better future and maybe I will be able to retire early with what I hold. If hive becomes a big success like bitcoin who knows what would happen. I just hope we can do something about it. I was planning on spending 100$ on youtube ads to promote a video for hive but I don't know yet. I'm trying to convince a younger audience to join but it's kind of hard for the people who don't understand crypto and explaining it to them. Anyways back to the silver, I might collect more steem rounds / hive rounds and try to become the biggest holder of them.

We should do a competition or something.

Thanks for stopping by and I wish everyone a good life with lots of money.

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